My Experience at SEF (Sustainable Education Foundation)-Developers Team

Seyed Akeel
4 min readJul 14, 2021


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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

A Place to Begin

Field of computing is no place for solo workers . We might be good on our own but the typical industry of computing is simply based on teamwork. The reason being can be seen clearly in various aspects and mainly being vastly spread and its almost impossible for a human to cover up the content even if we put forward our whole lives work towards it.

But luckily it doesn’t have to come to that since we have a lot of communities willing to work, learn ,teach , share at the same time . And after all even the way to prove our presence in he world of computing is to be visibly moving with a team or a community.

Although all communities we come across might not suit our work style or might not be as friendly and interactive . There are some rare ones where we can contribute and also gain a lot in the process.

And luckily for me I just found a perfect place to do both….The Sustainable Education Foundation. Home | Sustainable Education Foundation (

SEF Developers Team

As a complete rookie I was warmly welcomed into the SEF developers team on the 5th of June 2021. To be Honest I was pretty excited since it was my first time working with a large scale company and a group of individuals whos skills vastly out matched my own.

Although I was not skill matched or experience biased with the rest of the team , in a month period SEF DEVs team felt like the back of my hand. The friendliness , the volunteering attitude along with the properly planned and scheduled workflow made it easy for everyone to learn and contribute at the same time.

The Workflow

Almost everything at SEF and specifically in the developers team happens according to a proper flow . From communicating to contributing there are protocols we follow in order to make the work efficient and most fruitful.

There are several platforms used to communicate .The SEF HIVE (Top topics — SEF Hive) and the Slack channel being the most frequently used .

Whatever the idea, issue , suggestion etc. that we may come across can be openly discussed in these platforms without any constriction from the hierarchy.

Active Community

And one of the 24/7 active communities can be found in the SEF DEVs team. From instant replies to whatever we put forward in communication channels to weekly Knowledge sharing sessions and Standups and a lot more exciting events happening.

And that too in a consecutive uninterrupted flow. The events scheduled are very precise and occurs in the exact time intervals prior mentioned which makes life easy for everyone involved.


SEF DEVs Badges

On top of all the knowledge and experience we gain from a community , SEF DEVs team also offers many flashy achievement rewards to its participants and winners. The badges that can be earned through contributions, which can be added to our resumes .

Presentation Competition

And weekly session which includes various events and friendly competition are a great place to gain a lot without loosing focus or interest in the process.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson

And most of all even you can Join us in this community and gain a lot while contributing to SEF repositories and lot more. Join now and experience the meaning of “Team work!”.



Seyed Akeel

Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.