Importance of Git and GitHub

Logos of Git and GitHub

A place where even the undergraduate student fail to understand. No campus , no degree program will teach us the importance of Git nor GitHub. Having a myth of it is too complex to function since a separate knowledge is needed to master Git is also one major issue why most rookies avoid Git.

But Git is a tool or more precisely “ A Version Control System” which is used to store code, track revision history, merge code changes, and revert to earlier code version when needed.

What is a Version Control System(VCS)?

Simply A software tool that help software teams manage changes to source code over time is knows as a Version control system. Mainly there are 3 types of VCS,

  1. Local VCS- Storing your data locally, (High risk)
  2. Centralized VCS- Changes in the files are under the centralized server. (changes effect the whole project)
  3. Distributed VCS (D-VCS)- Users work by storing documents on the local repository as well as by merging the documents to the server.(Safe, changes wont effect the project unless its merged)

Where does Git Fit in?

Git is a Distributed Version Control system (D-VCS). Which allows us to work in a team more easily , without risking the output of the whole project. Git allows us to have a copy of the main or Master “Branch”(Branch in Git is similar to the branch of a tree. branch is attached to the central part of the tree called the trunk, in this case the Master branch) , and allows to clone our own copy of the project . So we can make whatever changes we want and not effect the whole project until it’s “Merged” (Merge in Git allows you to join two or more development work created using git branch into a single branch.)

How GitHub is relative?

Git is installed locally on a system, so developers can manage their code history using their local machines as “Repositories”(A place where we can store data ). A developer installs Git tool locally. “GitHub” is a cloud-based (similar to a Drive) tool developed around the Git tool. GitHub is an online service to store code and push from the computer running the Git tool. Git focused on version control and code sharing. GitHub focused on centralized source code hosting.

How Can I Use Git and GitHub?

It’s a easy few step process to set up Git and GitHub in your personal computers. If u r a Mac Or Ubuntu (Linux) user the Git tool set comes to your default with the Terminal. But if you are a Windows User you have to use a tool like Git bash (Git — Downloads ( to use Git . GitHub can be accessed by your favorite browser via the official GitHub page.

GitHub Outlook

once you are done . GitHub will look something similar to this. There are plenty of tools and functions in GitHub we can use to make our project much easier witch we can learn just by scrolling over or watching few YouTube videos and you are good to go.

Ubuntu Terminal

And Git would look something similar to this. Now don't get overwhelmed by the first outlook. It isn’t flashy and attractive but once we know the basics it will feel like the back of our hand.

So How do I Learn Git?

Everything that we want to learn are on the internet these days. We just have to look for it and we can surely find out if we are eager to learn. Nonetheless I’ll give you the source where I learnt Git.

Ry’s Git Tutorial

Ry’s Git Tutorial eBook: Hodson, Ryan: Kindle Store

A free to read A to Z guide on Git and all it’s commands in a single book.

So now we have the Basic idea of Git and GitHub and All the paths to set up Git on your computer , we can get familiar with it. Hoping to elaborate more about Git in future posts ,till then

Happy Coding!




Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.

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Seyed Akeel

Seyed Akeel

Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.

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