Heading into the World of Opportunity……

The most fate deciding milestone in a persons life is the moment when he/she has to make “that Decision”…

The moment where we decide our Identity…

The main road of life , where the rest of the subways can meet at a point in a destined future…

Part -01 “The typical teenager”

As all journeys begin, my story begins in a small island known as Sri Lanka. Being a typical Sri Lankan boy from birth , there is a pattern in life that all Sri Lankan teens follow. An 8 to 2 daily trip to a typical Sri Lankan school along with some undeniable extra curriculum and the sports along the way has no escape for anyone. But unlike any other part of the world Sri Lankans or best described as south Asians are well under parents wings until they finish there secondary education and head into a university. In this era of life , the love, care , guidance given by the parents start to degrade drastically. And the time to begin the “Rat race” begins…

Part -02 “That Decision”

28th of April 2021

The moment arrived for me to receive the fruits of my labor in the past couple of years as an Advanced Level student. Unlike most Students in this was not a big “Hype Builder” for me since I already knew what my results would be. It was Two credit passes and a simple pass along with an A for English. Many might disagree with me for this but I was more than satisfied with the results I received , as I was not much studious in to the latter part of my Advanced level career since I was more into Extra curriculum. To be honest I did not have any idea what I was about to do afterwards in a larger scale although I had a plan to study further. And then came that message from God as some might say(sarcastically).. When I was in a complicated and overwhelming situation about what comes next a dear friend of mine told me to do “what I love”. Although I was qualified and capable enough to choose whatever the pathway and degree program , I ended up coming into the world of computing.

Part -03 “ Did I do it Right?”

Honestly speaking although I was technologically far more ahead from childhood the exact field of computing was something new to me. And it was and is, one of the or more to be precise “the Most Competitive field” in this era of mankind. Being a complete rookie but with some lovely people with and around me to guide my each step I took A leap of Faith .,

What comes next.. I believe in small steps,

Will I be able to make.. I’ll do whatever it takes,

What comes ahead.. I’ll find out myself instead,

Did I do it right.? I’ll find out, I think I might…




Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.

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Seyed Akeel

Seyed Akeel

Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.

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