Before we start Coding..

Where to Begin?…

For the Rookies stepping into to the overwhelming field of Information Technology for tertiary education , The most common Question is where do I begin? And That too is a very valid question since if u start in a topic which is too advanced or too simple its just a matter of time until you loose focus or hope or both at the same time.

So Basically anything we do a solid foundation is a mandatory need. Starting with the basics and not getting into deep coding upfront is a good idea but there are pros and cons in taking the safe way in.

Being able to complete small tasks while having the sense of achievement is one of the top notch moral boosters for myself , although it can differ from person to person in the milestones they set and the tasks they consider as “Achievements” .

But at the mean time we have to consider the fact that , if we do not try we will stay in the same place as we were before. Getting out of our comfort zone is the the only way to improve ourselves.

“You cant be , Who you want to be , By staying who you are.”

What is the “Ideal path”?

Taking small steps in good but taking risks is also vital. So we can keep the scope in between to have the sense of achievement as well as improve ourselves by taking risks and trying out new things.

After all computer science is “the Safest Place” to be experimental since nothing is at stake here. The more mistakes we do the more we learn . unlike other pathways where we or the parties involved loose something when we do an error in work. Field of IT has that exception since its just a matter of fixing the error my redoing the mistakes all over again and there is nothing to loose only the experience of learning to gain. The time and effort and the most importantly compassion towards what we do are the treat ending facts.

My Recommendation,

Although I'm not gonna be technically advance in this writing ill be more specific with the ideal approach that's to be taken when heading in to IT.

The most important thing here is not to learn the facts or how to learn or to design. Its the conceptual understanding that’s important and whatever the field we are heading into “passion” is what’s required to shine in that particular field. While learning the fundamentals and some programming languages along the path its very important we learn how to focus find compassion in what we do and most importantly how to improve as an individual overall.

This might sound weird and varying far away from other advices or myths you might have heard about computing. Most will advice sitting in front of a computer all day and getting away from social life an family is the way to be successful in this field. but ill highly recommend not doing it since you will loose interest and many problems such as being an antisocial being will effect you long term when doing that.

So we shouldn't be sitting in front of a computer?

Yes and No

We have to engage in coding or learning how to do programming by sitting in front of a computer but also we must learn to keep the balance between our life as a social individual as well. Since in field of IT we always tend to work as a “Team” . Communication problem solving and bug fixing etc. All these fundamentals will require teamwork and to move with a group of other developers in the path.

And most importantly Health is a vital fact to be considered since most people miss out in this fact. And “the most important tip here” is to take care of your health. Take a break , have a good meal , do some stretches . Because whatever task you may do tomorrow , You will have to be alive and healthy.

More technically advanced topics will be discussed in further writings.

Till then , Happy Coding!



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Seyed Akeel

Seyed Akeel

Undergraduate of Software Engineering University of Westminster UK.